This is Page 6 of the Minutes of the HHGE Flats 2019 AGM held on 26 September 2019. Released by Ian Collier Chairman on 3 January 2020.

At that 26 Sept. 2019 meeting a number of flat owners asked questions about the conduct of and the progress on the 2019-2020 external works program and complained that the works were of poor quality.

The reply from Ian Collier (Chairman of HHGE Ltd) on behalf of the HHGE Board was that there was no need to worry because all the works being carried out were fully guaranteed  (5 years for the paintwork and 10 years for the wood repairs) . A shareholder then queried this answer stating that labour costs were not normally guaranteed. Ian Collier confirmed that for both the painting and the wood repairs, both materials and labor were fully guaranteed.

This claim was repeated in the extract from page 6 of the AGM minutes shown above. The full text of the minutes can be downloaded from the link below

Ian Collier has yet to produce any evidence at all that the external repairs work is fully guaranteed. If there is no guarantee then the £100,000 + expenditure on the HHGE external repairs between July and December 2019 may have been wasted, because of the numerous problems and the poor quality of the work as detailed on this website. We await details of the guarantee documentation with interest.