Parts of these window frames were so rotten in October 2019 that they had to be replaced with new wood. In this case the the horizontal transom that divides the window in half was replaced with untreated softwood.

However the cill at the base of the window was replaced with a hardwood Eucalyptus grandis.

Both transom and cill were then left exposed to the very wet weather over the Xmas holidays in November and December 2019 without sealing the surface against moisture.

Come January 2020 when the new wood was already soaked with rain dripping from above, one of the Armour Hart decorators returned and gave the now damp wood a quick coat of an oil based Dulux paint thus sealing the moisture inside the wood rather than protecting the wood from external moisture.

If this work had been properly supervised according to the original specification this sort of work by a contractor would not be allowed to happen. By sealing damp wood that has been exposed to air borne fungus spores you are encouraging the rapid development of rot inside the wood.

This is one of the reasons the cills which were decorated in 2010-2011 are now in such bad shape and riddled with rot.

This unacceptable practice is the result of bad planning and poor supervision. This newly installed wood is now not fit for the purpose intended. Why should flat owners have to pay for sub-standard work ?

(1) This horizontal softwood transom cill as originally specified should have been made of hardwood not softwood.

(2) Good practice dictates that the under surface should have a “throat” or drip groove so that water dripping on to the transom from above does not run underneath and seep back into the unpainted wood surface in the wall. The throat is missing

(3) No untreated wood should be left exposed to rain for long periods in damp weather. This allows fugal spore to enter the cut ends and rot the wood from the inside out.