This wooden window cill was fully repaired in the 2010-2011 HHGE external repairs project which cost flat owners over £550,000+ A good repair using seasoned treated wood wood should last at least 20 years. It is obvious that the cill was not repaired properly in 2010-2011. It appears that the interior is completely rotten and was filled with stones in 2010-2011 used as a filler to save money on expensive repair materials.
See also:Disastrous wood repairs to mullions in 2011 at Oxford Court as at 2 Dec. 2020.

Who carried out this work ? According to the 2019 AGM minutes below the work in 2010-2011 was carried out by the same Armour Hart employees who also carried out the much more recent 2019 external repairs.. They are still working for the same boss Stephen Gary Pennington but Pennington’s original company Armour Contracts Ltd folded in 2018 owing some £3 million+ so the same decorating business continues under a new name the Armour Hart group.

ARMOUR CONTRACTS LTD (01863263) As of 06 July 2018 the Administrators Report showed unsecured creditors of £3,365,879.83.