Lies, Lies and more Lies;

The photos below were taken on 7 October 2022 ,of work undertaken on 3 ground floor Hanger Hill Garden Estate flats by Armour Hart Contractors  between 2019 and 2021. The abysmal quality of the work is clear  from the recent photos and was easily visible at the time.

At the time the work was carried out I queried the quality of the work and the lack of competence of the tradesmen involved at the HHGE AGM held on 26 Sept. 2019.

At the AGM Ian Collier the then HHGE Chairman claimed  that all the work was covered by guarantees for both labour and materials (Painting 5 years and wood repairs 10 years) as per the minutes of the meeting.


190926 HHGE AGM RepairCare guarantees for 10 years all materials and labour

Since  2019 the HHGE Board have been unable to produce these guarantees  despite repeated requests and despite an outstanding Document Discovery Order from the First Tier Property Tribunal, London- which was never fulfilled.

Where are the 10 year guarantees ? Part 01.