These window frames were ” fully repaired” and redecorated in 2011 by Stephen Pennington’s Armour Contracts Ltd business when Lloyd Paxton was Chairman of the Board of Hanger Hill Garden Estate Ltd.

In 2011 the works cost the flat owners c.£500,000. If the work had been done properly one would normally expect to redecorate again in 6 to 7 years and the wood repairs to last 20 to 30 years. Obviously something seriously went wrong in 2011.

Peninngton’s block decorating business Armour Contracts Ltd (01863263) went into Administration in 2019 with very large unsecured debts. However Pennington himself rose phoenix like from the ashes of Armour Contracts with a new block decorating business named Armour Hart Group.

In July 2019 The HHGE Board of which Lloyd Paxton was still a Director and now also the appointed Property Manager of the HHGE flats chose Pennington’s vehicle (Armour Hart Group) for a second time to carry out the 2019-2020 Major Works.

Within a month of starting it was obvious that things were not right and the site workforce were forced to go for re-training because of poor workmanship on the wood repairs. The 2019-20 major works have been dogged by continual complaints over poor workmanship which are documented on this website.