This roof leaks every time rain falls onto Rutland Court.


22 May 2015: This leak was reported to Lloyd Paxton (PMA Partnership) the Property Manager appointed by the the Board of the Hanger Hill Garden Estate Ltd to manage the 255 HHGE flats.

Lloyd Paxton was both an HHGE Director and the principal of PMA Partnership paid £60,000 every year between May 2012 and October 2020 to provide management services of “reasonable quality and value” to the HHGE flat owners.

At no time during this period was Lloyd Paxton or PMA a member of any industry redress scheme where complaints by flat owners can be independently adjudicated. Since 01 October 2014 it has been a legal requirement for all Property Management businesses to be members of a redress scheme and failure to hold membership is an automatic criminal offence.

Due to numerous property management problems and multiple complaints as detailed on this website PMA was dissolved in October 2020 and the HHGE Board of Directors appointed replacement property managers JFM Partnership.

As of 19 August 2021 Lloyd Paxton remains a Director of Hanger Hill Garden Estate Ltd.

As of 19 August 2021 the roof leak at Rutland Court continues to get worse.