Garage Road on the Hanger Hill Hill Garden Estate has flooded regularly several times a year for at least the last 9 years, causing great inconvenience to local house owners and residents.

Garage road is owned by Hanger Hill Garden Estate Ltd. According to the HHGE standard lease the HHGE Board of Directors has an obligation to maintain and repair this road.

In May 2012 the HHGE Board appointed PMA London Ltd. a service company owned by Lloyd Paxton one of the HHGE Directors to manage the 255 flats and grounds for the benefit of the flat owners. Lloyd Paxton or his service company was paid £60,000 a year for his services. Nine years later Lloyd Paxton is still on the HHGE Board of Directors but after 9 years the fundamental cause of the flooding has still not been addressed.

This drain previously flooded on 29 January 2021. See Heavy Rain exposes poor management by the HHGE Flat Directors