This private road to the south of Queens Drive floods regularly because of poor management by the HHGE Directors who manage the land owned by the Hanger Hill Garden Estate Ltd. co. #2159813.

When the HHGE flats and houses were first built between 1928- 1938 a stream which ran through the land was diverted into a concrete drain or culvert which also carried all the surface water from the surface drains on the HHGE. These drains are currently the responsibility of Thames Water.

However when the Hanger Hill Garden Estate was broken up in the 1960’s, the HHGE flats retained the ownership of the land which covers the drains and the old stream bed.

It appears that Garage Road has subsided in the location of the old stream bed. It is not clear if this subsidence has affected the Thames Water culvert or not. It is possible that subsidence of the road has affected the flow of water through the Thames Water culvert and is the ultimately cause of the widespread flooding and inconvenience to both flats and houses residents. Alternatively there may be independent problems with the culvert possibly caused by the many large Lombardy Poplar trees growing along Garage Road.

Whatever the ultimate cause of the flooding, under the HHGE Lease, the HHGE Directors are responsible for the road repairs which require immediate action. By not taking their responsibilities seriously the HHGE Director are in breach of their repairing covenants under the lease.

Photo taken 30 January 2021