The photos shown below are of the right hand side corner of the bay window at the front of Flat 9 Fife Court which was redecorated as part of the HHGE Major Works contract to repair and redecorate the windows of the flats on the Hanger Hill Garden Estate.

An estimated £200,000 was paid to the contractor after completion certificates were delivered by the supervising surveyor John Chandler RICS who had been appointed the the Hanger Hill Garden Estate Board of Directors. John Chandler resigned in March 2021 with the works only one third complete.

For more photos of this particular job at 9 Fife Court see Shoddy Window Repairs at Fife Court

Because this flat is on the first floor the shoddy work shown in the photographs above is not readily noticeable to a casual observer. But similar examples of shoddy work are now a common feature of the flats redecorated by the Armour Hart Group tradesman, especially involving flats on the first and second floors where the poor quality of the work cannot be seen easily from below.