As of August 11, 2020 the Major Works to repair the 28 blocks of the Hanger Hill Garden Estate are grinding to a halt. The Armour Hart sub-contractors claim that the contract which started on 08 July 2019 over a year ago was for external repairs only. Hence they are refusing to repair rotting wood on the inside of the window frames.

The sub-contractors say that they are finishing off the the last blocks to be redecorated, Chester Court, Devon Court, Essex House and Fife Court. This means that after Fife court the decorating team will be leaving the site. They also say that they will not be paid until the work has been completed.

The original tender price was £18,500.00 so if what he sub-contractors are correct something like £18,500 x 4 =£74,000 has yet to be paid.

The sub-contractors also claim that the tender price agreed by the Contractor the Armour Hart Group was severely underestimated because no proper survey was carried out before the contract was signed between Ian Collier Chairman of the HHGE Board of Directors and Keith Ginn of Armour Hart. The result of this simple mistake means that the contractor cannot afford to complete the job as specified.

26 JULY 2018: A Section 20 Notice announces the intention to carry out major works of External Repair and Redecoration. There is no mention of any internal works.

28 JUNE 2019 HHGE NEWSLETTER announces that” the contractor will also repair and repaint any rotten internal parts of your wood frames “