SUMMARY: The HHGE Flats 2019/2020 External Repairs Project

CONTRACTOR: Armour Hart Group.

Managing Director Stephen Gary Pennington

EMPLOYER: Hanger Hill Garden Estate Ltd.

Chairman Ian Collier, Flat 8 Ayr Court, Monks Drive, W3

PROJECT TERM: 8 July 2019 to 30 September 2020 (Approx. 14 months)

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATOR: John Chandler of JFA Associates

AGREED COST: £385,000 +7% Contract Administrator Fee £26,950.00 total £411,950.00 + extras.

Address given as 8 Monks Drive, which is presumably wrong. The correct address should should be Flat 8, Ayr Court. Monks Drive, W3 0EA
Company name is wrong. Presumably the correct name for the employer is Hanger Hill Garden Estate Limited NOT Hanger Hill Garden Estate Management Ltd.
Why is the Contract Administrator John Chandler’s liability limited to £10,000 when his own fee is £26,000 and the contract value is £400,000 +. This is a one sided unfair contract in which John Chandler can only be liable for £10,000 when the HHGE sharehoders could lose £400,000+.
In John Chandler’s Consultant’s Appointment he is listed as being responsible for RICS Contract Administration Services only NOT Principal Designer Services.
On the JCT contract however John Chandler is also listed as Principal Designer. Which contract is correct and what is John Chandler actually responsible for ? The roles of Principal Designer and Contract Administrator have very different responsibilities if something goes wrong. See below as to how the roles differ.
How the roles of Contract Administrator and Principal Designer differ Excerpt from RICS Guidance notes. Practice Standards UK. CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION 1ST ED. (2011)