On a recent wet Sunday morning I took a walk around Thanet Court in the rain. I prefer to take walks on sunny days but when it is raining, it is easier to locate and record the damage being caused by leaking gutters and downpipes. I found 7 leaking hoppers, gullies and gutters 4 of which are actively causing damage to the buildings. All of these 7 leaks result from the lack of proper maintenance and an organized pro-active maintenance program by the HHGE Directors.

In this case a simple blocked gutter and down pipe which could be fixed for £40, ORANGE ARROW has caused damage to to the porch ceiling YELLOW ARROW which will need to be replaced and re decorated at a cost of at least £120. In addition the leak is causing damp to brick work BLUE ARROW which may result in internal damp and condensation inside flat 7. The resulting redecoration work inside the flat is likely to cost hundreds of pounds to repair. High condensation levels inside flats can cause black mould and wooden window cills to rot from the inside out, again costing hundreds of pounds to replace or repair.

If you are a flat owner of one of the HHGE Flats you are paying 3 X for the failure of the HHGE Directors to properly organize a regular maintenance program to deal with water leaks from gutters, hoppers, downpipes and gullys.

  1. You are paying the salaries of 3 full time employees of Hanger Hill Garden Estate Ltd who are not doing their jobs – via the annual service charge .
  2. You are paying an increased service charge for the extra repairs resulting from the lack of a proper maintenance program.
  3. You are paying personally for any damage caused by damp and condensation to your own flat.