There are 4 open gullys at the rear of Devon Court W3 0EH. All of them are broken and leaking water. Each open gully collects the wastewater (bath and sink water) from one set of 3 flats. Therefore a total of 4 gullys at the rear of Devon Court collect the wastewater from 12 flats. Photo taken 21 June 2019.


Devon Court was built in the 1930’s when drains were constructed from ceramic (pottery) pipes. The local soil is clay which tends to expand during wet weather and shrink during dry weather.

As a result of repeated expansion and shrinkage over the years the pottery pipes linking the gullys to the foul sewers have all cracked with the result that a lot of the wastewater from the 12 flats enters the soil at the back of the flats rather then being drained away in the foul sewer.