This leaking downpipe at the front of 8 Oxford Court was reported to Ian Collier, Lloyd Paxton and all the other HHGE Directors in Autumn 2017 in a detailed photographic dossier of water leaks occurring on the HHGE flats estate. At that time this broken downpipe had obviously already been ignored for several years despite the prominent green slime. See these photos taken on 11 August 2017.

19 June 2017. This down pipe on the RHS of 7-12 Oxford Court is broken where it joins the ground and is blocked higher up and spurting a jet of water over the surrounding bricks. From the green slime on the surrounding bricks this leak has been going for many years.
19 June 2019. Note the pool of water at ground level. This down pipe collects the water from half the roof of the block 7-12 Oxford Court, W3