Norfolk House on Queens Drive W3 comprises a single staircase of 6 flats on 3 floors. Norfolk House is semi-detached from the much larger Oxford Court which has 5 staircases and 30 flats.
LHS of front door. Leaking gutter 01
Norfolk House: LHS of front door. Leaking gutter 01. Note that the falling water from the blocked gutter is splashing all over the brick wall at the front of the flat including causing damp to the bricks well above the level of the damp proof course. In the photo above the damp proof course is just below the air brick, next to the down pipe
This looks like a leaking gutter but it is in fact a gutter design feature to collect the run off water from the RHS of the front porch roof tiles and feed it into the gutter below.
Norfolk House. The second leaking gutter photographed on 10 June 2019 on the RHS of the front of Norfolk House.
Leaking gutter problem 02. Note that the bricks are damp 4 bricks above the damp proof course. Photo taken 10 June 2019.